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Yossi Vardi lets us use his keynote at Campus Party Europe to pitch his audience!

Gauss CEO Vidar Andersen pitching Yossi Vardi's keynote audience at Campus Party Europe in Berlin 2012

Recently we were invited to the Campus Party – the biggest electronic entertainment event with keynotes from rockstars like Paulo Coelho, Yossi Vardi, Don Tapscott and Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

It’s no secret that we at Gauss are huge fans of Yossi Vardi, so it was only natural that Gauss Co-founder and CEO Vidar Andersen was camping out on a front row seat super eager to hear his keynote.

Then about ten minutes in, something unpredictably awesome happened! On Gauss co-founder Vidar Andersen answering Yossi’s question “what’s keeping people from executing on their ideas?” from the crowd, Yossi told the keynote audience that Vidar should hold the talk instead of him and then proceeded to let him pitch Gauss to his whole keynote audience! No, we are not making this up.

Watch it as it happened:

We knew Yossi Vardi is truly awesome – still this kind of spontaneous generosity completely blew our socks off and caught us totally by surprise!

Thank you, Yossi – We are incredibly humbled and grateful! You are even cooler than we could possibly imagine! We hope we meet again sometime in the future. You rock! 🙂

Here’s a bonus interview with Dr. Yossi from CP Europe 2012:

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