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What is Gauss?

So what is Gauss?

Gauss is a mobile app that automagically discovers relevant people around you and helps you approach, connect and meet up in fun and safe ways; It’s a People Magnet for your pocket.

You connect the app with the social networks and services that you currently use (like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc), pocket the magnet and carry on. Gauss will instantly start with discovering and attracting relevant people to you.

The first version of the Gauss app will be for the iPhone. An Android version will follow suit.

The technology behind Gauss is a real-time proximity-based discovery and introduction engine; A platform in the cloud with it’s own API.

Gauss will keep adding meaningful and relevant services and networks to the platform so we can continually aggregate value for you, continually discovering more relevant and meaningful connections around you.

Imagine a future where you can discover new relevant people around you based on an aggregate of all your data and activities in all of your social networks and services on your terms – and not just one network or service at a time and on their terms…

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