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We’re in the Ketchum SXSWi 2012 Wrap Report!

We’re mentioned in the Ketchum SXSWi 2012 Wrap Report:

1. Gotta Go, SoLoMo!
The simultaneous proliferation of social media, smartphones (geo-aware pocket supercomputers) and high-speed mobile Internet access has resulted in a concentration of innovation in the realm of ambient technology (also known as “SoLoMo,” for social + local + mobile).

Now that Foursquare has demonstrated the stickiness of location-based social networking, Facebook and Google Plus have added their own check-in features, and a wide array of new startups, including Highlight, Glancee and Gauss, are seeking to ride the wave by connecting users based on different algorithms related to proximity and profile similarities. []

– Jonathan Kopp, ketchum.com

Thank you, Jonathan Kopp (@jonathankopp)!


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