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The Gauss Crew live on stage with Sean Parker at LeWeb 2011!

The Gauss - The People Magnet crew on stage with Sean Parker and Geraldine LeMeur

We at Gauss (@getGauss) appeared live on stage in the middle of one of the main talks at @LeWeb with Sean Parker (@sparker), Shervin Pishevar (@shervin) and Alexia Tsotsis (@alexia), and just as Pishevar had finished saying the following:

“The core of Shaker’s concept is a pretty deep insight. You know, the reason Sean [Parker] is doing AirTime, the reason that I [Shervin Pishevar] did Shaker. The reason we even looked at some of these other companies in this space, is that people are looking for more serendipity in their lives. They are bored. They’d like to meet more interesting people.

One of the problems about Facebook today is that you’ve pretty much met all the people in real life. You’re connected. Even if you just went to kindergarten with them. We’ve all kind of maximized our throughput.

We are looking for a little more randomness in our lives, and things like Shaker, like AirTime are helping to bring that kind of diversity, that element of luck, of meeting completely new people in the world in a giant world. It can be made smaller by things like Shaker and AirTime.”

– Shervin Pishevar, LeWeb2011

Replace “Shaker” and “AirTime” with “Gauss” and he’s just explained what our bootstrapped startup Gauss – The People Magnet is all about, live to the world from the stage at LeWeb 2011 in Paris. Thank you for the best social proof ever, Shervin! 😉

But that’s not all; Then we appear! We the fine bootstrapping Gauss team! Live on stage (or the large screen, if you will) at LeWeb with @geraldine and @cshipley, together with Sean Parker – just as he says “We invest in teams […]” like a well-choreographed subliminal cue.!

Watch it for yourself (around 11:56):

You can’t make stuff like this up. Talk about serendipity!

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Geraldine LeMeur (@Geraldine), Chris Shipley (@cshipley) and YOU who either came to see us at our startup pod at @LeWeb, gave us your time and listened when we blindly pitched you anywhere and anytime we could, watched our live world premiere on stage or voted for us in the people’s choice competition!

You rocked our world at @LeWeb 2011! You all remind us of the importance of what we do and that makes us work even harder!

The Gauss - The People Magnet crew with Geraldine LeMeur at LeWeb

Thank you from the whole Gauss team! <3

Time to thank our voters! <3 Thanks from @getGauss #occupyLeWeb #lewebAbove and below: Thanking our voters personally after the people’s choice startup competition at @LeWeb.

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