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Steve Alexander – The Hero’s Journey

We thought we’d share an impromptu video we shot as our friend Steve (@now_talking) joined the Gauss team for lunch to talk about how we can use storytelling to help us evolve as a team and be better prepared to help change the world.

We hope to be sharing more videos and insights from our daily operations again soon. We are also considering releasing stuff we develop along the way as Open Source on an ongoing basis. Stay tuned.

Keep watching to the end of part 3 where Steve talks about a very powerful team exercise that you can do with just pen and paper. You can find more information about Steve Alexander at

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The powerful exercise involves only pen, paper and your imagination: Have everyone on your team draw, with no words, their individual image of the project in two minutes. Then have each member talk about what their image means. Use the different stories as a basis for discussion. Repeat it sometime down the line and see how you are aligning – or not – to the same story.

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