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Mentoring with Zach Klein and Philipp Moehring at CnB

So we went to  the C’n’B Conference in Cologne, Germany – won the award for Most Innovative German Business – and received awesome exclusive mentoring session with Zach Klein (@zachklein) of Vimeo and Founder Collective fame and Philipp Moehring (@pmoehring) of Seedcamp fame.

They were incredibly helpful and insightful. As a result of their feedback we did our first internal pivot. Awesome guys! We’re thankful beyond words! And see you next time we’re in New York, Zach! 😉

Also a megasuperduper thanks to Fabian Töpel for bringing the competition to our attention! You seriously rock!

Gauss (@getGauss) co-founder Vidar Andersen (@blacktar) and Zach Klein after the pitch:

A big thanks to Dan Loening (@daan_kinderfee) for the photo!

Gauss – The People Magnet pitching in the very first public performance, running-jumping-monkey style:

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