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Press Release


Contact: Vidar Andersen
Phone: +4915140133149 (EU) +14085338042 (US)
Mail: [email protected]


Gauss The People Magnet Denies Involvement With Gauss The Malware

COLOGNE, GERMANY — On August 9, 2012 — Gauss UG released the new version of their iPhone app. The exact same day, Kaspersky Labs issued a press release announcing  that they had found a new malicious cyber weapon in the family of Stuxnet and Flame — and they named it Gauss.

And calls and emails started pouring in at the European startup.

Gauss – The People Magnet is categorically denying any involvement with Gauss the malicious cyber weapon explicitly targeting middle eastern bank accounts.”I know a lot of potential investors are very keen to know how we are going to make money, but the rumors that we have pivoted into a “Money Magnet” malware targeting Libanese banks are greatly exaggerated,” says Gauss CEO Vidar Andersen. “We are seeing a correlation from being associated with the next generation of global cyber weapons of mass destruction with a noticeable increase in app downloads, so at the moment we’re not sure if this coincidence is a blessing or a curse.”

Gauss - The Money Magnet

Gauss is a self-financed, early stage technology company based in Cologne, Germany. Their first product is ‘Gauss – The People Magnet’, an iPhone app available on the AppStore that helps you meet interesting people and discover the hidden connections to people around you; It’s a money people magnet for your pocket!

Gauss recently released a new version of  their iPhone app:


If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with co-founding CEO Vidar Andersen, please call +4915140133149 (EU) +14085338042 (US) or send an email to [email protected]

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