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Gauss takes third place at the European Pirate Summit! Arrrrwesome!

Gauss (@getGauss) Co-Founder Vidar Andersen (@blacktar) on stage pitching at the European Pirate Summit (@PirateSummit).

As we thought we had only four minutes to pitch, we opted to go for a higher lever approach to try communicate our vision and leave more time for questions from the jury. Despite the fact that we didn’t really get around to describing our product, we were voted to third place of 14 startups competing. Thank you for the votes!

The jury consisting of Lars Hinrichs (@LarsHinrichs) Christoph Janz (@chrija) and Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (@mygdal) (Stefan Glaenzer (@StefanGlaenzer) unfortunately had to leave earlier than expected) selected ex-googler and Vocalytics co founder Benoît Curdy’s (@bcurdy) pitch as their well deserving winner. Great guy, interesting product! We even used their first product PaceRecorder to practice our Gauss pitch.

Gauss (@getGauss) was very close to the second place, which our awesome startup friends over at Did This nabbed. We truly think they deserve it. They delivered a solid entertaining pirate pitch and have a cool product with a massive vision to boot.

The salty Gauss crew was mightily represented, and Arne Horn (@arnehorn), Kit Blake (@kitblake) and Christoph Möller (@konterkariert) worked their feet and vocal cords off hustling the crowd and connecting with new pirates of the seven seas! Arrr! Thanks to Fee Beyer (@feebeyer) for the image!

Thanks again to Manuel Koelman (@manuelkoelman), Moritz Delbrück (@moritzde), Philipp Moehring (@pmoehring), Stefan Menden, Waldemar Hein, Till Ohrmann (@tohrmann), Lucas Ruengeler (@lucasruengeler), Bogodan Iordache, Bjoern Lasse Hermann, Clarisse Behar Molad, Michai Mafteianu, Fabian Muecke, Maurice Kock (@mauricekock) and the Pirate Summit Crew for making the European Pirate Summit happen!

Mike Butcher (@mikebutcher) of TechCrunch Europe posted this write-up and a video summary on TCTV (that for some reason doesn’t embed well in this page, so you have to read his post to watch it) of the European Pirate Summit (@PirateSummit).

The Next Web’s Martin Bryant (@MartinSFP) posted this write up and made a video interview with one of the European Pirate Summit’s founders, Manuel Koelman (@manuelkoelman), above.

A bootstrapping entrepreneur never sleeps; Kit pitching! (We unfortunately don't know who took this picture)

A big ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! to all of our newfound pirate friends in the startup ecosystem world wide; Your support keep us going! Let us know how we can help you with your visions!

Vidar @blacktar Andersen pitching for Gauss - the People Magnet at the european Pirate Summit 2011

Vidar pitching the jury and audience on stage. Image stolen pirate-style with no permissions at all (hey, we tried to reach them) from PionierGarage.

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Sharypic Deutsche-Startups Eeve Eyeem and Facebook (1 & 2) have more images from the Pirate Summit.

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