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Gauss rocking LeWeb 2011!

So you want to know what we’re all about? We want you to never feel lonely again!

But what if you do not feel particularly lonely? Well, we believe like Karl Lagerfeld said at @LeWeb 2011 that:

“You can never be too connected. You can only be well connected.”

Like even Karl Lagerfeld, most of us could still benefit from more connections in our lives.

Here it is! The live world premiere of Gauss – The People Magnet at @LeWeb 2011:

The video feed to the camera showing the live product demo on the iPhone in the beginning of our presentation didn’t show on the big screen, but these things happen all the time at big live events like these and eventually the video feed from the live app on the iPhone came through. Phew!

We believe there’s a huge problem out there worth solving. That’s why we’re building this thing, a People Magnet for your pocket, to help fix it.

A huge thanks to the jury for their valuable questions and feedback; Thank you Lukasz Gadowski (Internet Entrepreneur & Investor), Stephanie Hospital (@stephhospital) (EVP Audience & Advertising Division, Orange), Jamie Siminoff (@JamieSiminoff) (Founder & President NobelBiz & Founder & CEO Edison Junior), Kristell Schuber (Marketing Director of Google France), Daniel Waterhouse (@wanderingvc) (Partner, Wellington Partners)!

A very special thank you to Chris Shipley (@cshipley), CEO of Guidewire Group for moderating the LeWeb startup competition and providing awesome coaching for all the startups in the competition in advance!

Images below by François Tancré from (source). Licensed under CC 3.0

Image by François Tancré

Kit (@kitblake) and Arne (@arnehorn) demoing Gauss - The People Magnet live to the world for the first time. Image by François Tancré.

Image  by François Tancré.

Vidar (@blacktar) watching Arne and Kit presenting the world premiere of Gauss - The People Magnet

Image by François Tancré.

Vidar (@blacktar) listening carefully to questions from the LeWeb 2011 startup competition jury. Image by François Tancré.

Images below by Franchellin Vincent (source). Licensed under CC 3.0.

Pitching like there’s no tomorrow at our LeWeb startup booth:

Pitching at our LeWeb 2011 startup booth

Gauss - The People Magnet interviewed on LeWeb Radio by @TechCrunch Europe.

Let us know what you think of Gauss – The People Magnet!

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