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European Pirate Summit 2012

Avast, me hearties!

On September 10th and 11th, Gauss will be attending the second European Pirate Summit in Cologne, Germany.

The European Pirate Summit is an exclusive startup event only for real entrepreneurial pirates. Are you a pirate?┬áIt’s the most exclusive opportunity in Europe to exchange experiences and lessons learned with fellow pirates, soak in some new inspiration from the insanely awesome speakers and to meet and mingle with potential advisors, mentors and investors!

It’s also a near and dear event for us at Gauss since we’re also based in Cologne and it’s where we debuted with our first proper pitch on stage. Here’s how that looked back then:

We’re looking forward to meeting you there: Ping us at [email protected] or on twitter @getGauss or phone or iMessage us at +4915140133149 if you want to catch up and say hello!

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