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See you at DLD Cities in London!

Recently we met legendary Israeli engineer, investor, mentor, entrepreneur and merry prankster Yossi Vardi at the Campus Party EU 2012 in Berlin and he let us spontaneously use his keynote to pitch the audience.

As that wasn’t awesome enough, returning back from the Campus Party we found an invite from Yossi and DLD to come to London and attend the DLD City conference. We’re incredibly humbled and grateful for the generosity we are being shown. Wow! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you so much Yossi and DLD! See you in London on Friday!

So, we’re super excited to be in London this Thursday 20th until Sunday 23rd! If you’re at the DLD Cities even at The Crystal or perhaps have time for a coffee before or after at Google Campus and TechHub – Let’s meet up and hang out!

If you are around in London, let’s meet up and have a chat! You can reach us at +4915140133149 by mail or say hi on twitter @getGauss.

About DLD Cities:

We believe that cities are the reflection of the current state of the world; they are a seismograph of what there is yet to come, the home of innovation and avantgarde thinking, and the arena in which we can take on the challenges of rapid urbanisation. At DLDcities, we want to open up a sustainable dialogue with all stakeholders that are interwoven in this complex system – urban planners, digital schientists, architects, designers, entrepreneurs, artists, and generally the citizens.

Between the paradigms of bottom-up and top-down solutions, DLDcities aims to investigate the following components: mobility & logistics, energy, architecture, arts & culture, sustainability, citizen engagement, data and the ubiquitious relevance of digitalisation.

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