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Campus Party Berlin

We’ve been invited to the Campus Partythe biggest electronic entertainment event in the world with a lineup of rockstar keynotes from Paulo Coelho, Yossi Vardi, Don Tapscott and Sir Tim Berners-Lee!

So between Tuesday August 21nd and Friday 24th we’ll be showcasing and hanging around in the halls of Tempelhof, the former airport in the center of Berlin.

If you are around in Berlin, let’s meet up and have a chat! You can reach us at +4915140133149 by mail or say hi on twitter @getGauss.

The stated goal of Campus Party  is to bring together the best talent in areas regarding technology and Internet to share experiences and innovate for a “better tomorrow”.

We at Gauss are on a mission to build a better tomorrow by helping people better discover new meaningful connections and create new lasting relationships by bringing more people together in real life using technology; To make building social capital faster, easier and hassle-free for everyone.

Campus Party is the biggest electronic entertainment event in the world. It’s a weeklong, 24-hours-a-day technology festival for thousands of “campuseros” – hackers, developers, gamers and geeks. Equipped with computers and other toys, they camp on-site and immerse themselves in a truly unique environment.

Since 1997, Campus Party has brought together the best young technical talent across Europe and Latin America to innovate, learn and engage with some of the biggest names in technology and science.

Join us August 21 to August 26 at Berlin’s historic Tempelhof Airport to re-type Europe’s source code and immerse yourself in a unique environment where workshops, hackathons, competitions and talks take place simultaneously.

The Official Campus Party Video:

Belinda Galliano, co-founder of Campus Party on TEDx:

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