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And now TechCrunch writes about Gauss (well, sort of)


At a time where we almost thought we couldn’t possibly receive more awesome social proof, TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) goes ahead and features an article pretty much summing up (almost to the letter) what we at Gauss – The People Magnet are all about:

“What is at stake is nothing less than the future of meeting new people—of how people discover one another and make relationships in a world where mobile devices behave like extensions of the human body. How do you create a social graph not of the people you know, but of the people you want to know? How do you make meeting people fun, at scale, for everyone? How do you make all that serendipity stuff just happen?”- Catherine Cook (@cncook), co-founder of MyYearbook. TechCrunch 07.01.2012

As shaped serendipity [*cough*] will have it, we at Gauss – The People Magnet are addressing exactly all of these questions. Awesome! Seems like we’re doing something right.

Thanks Catherine! 🙂

We here at Gauss are on a mission: We want you to never feel lonely again!

But what if you do not feel particularly lonely? We believe like Karl Lagerfeld said on stage at @LeWeb 2011 that:

“You can never be too connected. You can only be well connected.”

We believe most of us could benefit from having more connections in our lives. We believe everybody should have the choice and ability to be well connected!

We believe in a future where the people magnet is in everybody’s pockets; As an ubiquitous extension of ourselves – on our smartphones and in other wearables of the future – that we will take for granted.

That’s why we founded Gauss – The People Magnet (@getGauss); It discovers, introduces, connects and facilitates face to face meet-ups with new relevant people around you in easy, fun and safe ways. It’s a People Magnet for your pocket; a mobile app!

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